What’s it all about ?

It’s all about getting out there enjoying the countryside, with its fresh air and a sense of achievement and simple freedom, away from it all! My only advice is give yourself plenty of time….”

 Britain has one of the best footpath networks in the World.Pick up an O/S map of anywhere and the red lines of “Right of Way” are all there. Mid Wales is no exception and in many ways, better, with its sublime beauty, from the rock peaks of Cadair Idris, to the remoteness of its central moorland which is criss crossed with its enchanting naturally wooded valleys. Don’t take my word for it, come and discover its wonders for yourself !

You’ ll find the detailed walking maps, very useful for planning walks in the area and there are  also reliable weather sites, as this can turn a good walk into the most memorable walk .

We also provide a guided walking service using expert local walking and mountain guides who can accompany you  on any walks of your choice. Not only keeping you safe, but giving a feel for the area, which you may not get otherwise. Presently we have local guides  that specialise in history, geomorphology, Welsh language and legends.
                                            For local Guided walking Telephone Harvey on 07981005178


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  1. Harvey says:

    Here’s the flyoster for the Borth Choir gig, ten years of practice Its not perfect but we’re close !

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